2020 is closing

There are moments in our lives which offer up huge amounts of growth. We feel as though we learn lots about ourselves and gain an understanding like never before.

In a nutshell 2020 has been the year of deep transformation, personal growth and learning. I knew this year was going to be big but I never saw this development amongst a global pandemic.

I have been through a huge spectrum of emotions this year from feeling unsure, lost and low to feeling laser focused, in my purpose and blissful.

This year has offered up so much right?

I hope that we can all look back on this year and observe ourselves with full acceptance. It is more than OK to feel sad, let down or in grief of this year. We all are moving through huge phases of change and I know this can be hugely challenging.

I truly believe that the growth of this year has only just started and I am optimist that this year will activate and inspire many to think, live and “be” differently for years to come.

With love, Layna x

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