Cacao – The Journey to the Heart


I first encountered cacao whilst taking part in a shamanic healing session in the depths of winter a few years ago. I went into this ceremony knowing very little of what cacao was, but I had a wonderful experience which planted a seed of curiosity. This seed has flourished into layers of creative and insightful waves of energy.

From my experience cacao, has helped to open up space into new aspects of my being. I have found that I am able to journey deep into an inner landscape, my inner temple, the gateway to my own heart.

I now feel passionately called to work more and more with cacao and share this through my workshops, circles and one to ones.

Your Questions Answered

I reached out to you on instagram and asked you to send me some questions which I will try my best to answer below.

What is Cacao?

It is a plant medicine which has been used for thousands of years in many ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Cacao is the seed from which chocolate is made and produced. Cacao is nutrient dense and has been branded as a superfood.

There are many beliefs around cacao and the spiritual support it provides. I have felt from a personal level it opens a channel into our anahata chakra - heart space energy. The heart is our portal to compassion, insight, self-love, kindness, deep connection and inner wisdom. Through this open channel, healing and energy release is enhanced,  which in turn supports and nurtures the entire being.

How do you use it?

Cacao can be made into a warm drink. It is the ultimate hot chocolate elixir that ignites and stokes our inner being.

I use the herb infused disks from Cacao Club who are an inspiring London based company. The disks are pre-blended with a mix of different herbs and there are blends for all different moods and intentions. The disk comes like solid chocolate, you break up the disk and either heat over a saucepan slowly adding water and/or nut milk of your choice. Or you can make using a blender with warm, just boiled water.

Why would you use it?

I believe that cacao is for everyone, but it is particularly good for those of you who wish to:

  • connect deeper to your heart
  • explore your intuition
  • delve into ritualistic practices
  • assist meditation practice
  • support energy healing modalities
  • celebrate through ceremony
  • enjoy self-care practices
  • heal through plant medicine

What is my relationship with Cacao?

I feel as though I am able to call upon the ritual of cacao whenever I need it.  I allow myself to be open and intuitively guided. To be in a place of deep trust, to the wisdom of the practice and the inner wisdom that it brings forward.

How does Cacao Support you and your Work?

Supports Me as a Teacher 

This is something that I do get really excited to talk about. I have had some wonderful experiences when using the support of cacao not only on a personal basis, but it complements the work I share in such a beautiful way.

I have done a cacao ritual prior to hosting events and workshops that I share and hold space for. I feel as though it enables me to take some time to ground myself whilst also initiating the 'truth' of my heart to come forward. Which for me is a fundamental aspect, it helps me to speak, share and teach from an authentic and real space. To embody the energies I wish to share and receive guidance and intuitive feedback.

Sharing in Healing Sessions

I also have felt really called to share cacao with clients in some of my healing one to ones sessions that I hold. I have found in particular the following a powerful combination:

Cacao - Guided Meditation - Reiki Healing

By starting the session with cacao, it creates space for:

  • Grounding
  • Reflection
  • Time to set an intention
  • Connection
  • Space to just be

I have found to follow cacao with meditation gives us time to integrate, absorb and enhance the power of the cacao. Then after the meditation, I hold space for Reiki healing for the client.

Whilst each of the practices are beautiful in their own right, there is something inspiring and transformative when used intuitively together to remove energy blocks and create a deeply heart healing experience.

To conclude....

As you can see cacao holds wisdom, insight and support for healing. Of course, everyone's experience of using cacao will be different, but by setting intention, drinking cacao with purpose and meaning, it creates ripples of energy into all that you do. It stirs our spirit and awakens our hearts so that we can feel connected, alive, free and abundant as we walk through life.

ALSO be creative and inspired,  why not use cacao when you have a big meeting to attend, an interview, or needing motivation. It doesn't just have to be in the setting of a sharing circle or a yoga retreat. 

Sending love and healing energy to you all,

Layna x


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