Healing – What is it Really All About…


I used to dislike and shy away from the word healer or healing. In fact I used to cringe if I really thought about it. Why? Well, I used to have a warped notion of what healing was. I used to think to be a healer you had to be almost un-human.

I grew up thinking that a healer had a certain status and I just didn't really understand what healing meant either. I used to think healing, was a way to fix or mend something and was a done deal, as if healing was a one time event.

The Unraveling

As I began to practice more and more yoga. I was started to notice that I was becoming more conscious and aware of my mind, thoughts and my outlook on life.

Old patterns and beliefs started to evolve and transform. Sometimes it would be super subtle other times it would be really powerful.

One of the things I started to notice was how I was noticing a change around the process of healing.

What Healing is and What it is not

I began to notice a deep call to healing practices. I started using yoga as a form of healing and also started having energy work done through reiki.

What I noticed almost straight away was, healing felt like it worked in cycles or a circle.

In fact, the healing spiral and cycle is something we are always in. That was a huge ephiphany for me "...in some form or another, I am always in a state or cycle of healing..."

This made me recognise that healing is a process. It doesn't really begin or end. It is something we all experience in various forms. Healing for me is the continual flow to "oneness" to remembering we are already whole.

As simple as that. Healing is to bring everything towards a state of union. Accepting all that is here, in this moment.

That means, it is NOT about fixing or curing anything in real terms. But of course it may lead to this, but healing is a process that brings us into a state of acceptance, to fully meet us where we are.


You are Your Own Healer

Read that again! Yes, YOU ARE YOUR OWN HEALER...

Right? For me this is so true, you are it.  You are the one who does the work. You are the healer.

You might read this and think, Layna what are going on about, and why on earth are you a reiki healer?

Well, what I offer is space for healing. I hold space for YOU to explore and develop your own process of healing.

I hold a lot of pride in this gift and honour I really do. I am here to give you space with gentle guidance towards your healing. My work is really to ensure you feel held and acknowledged. I am a really good listener, an intuitive healer, kind-hearted and supportive.

I am not here to fix you, nor would I want to.

You are perfect as you are and I am here to be a light and gateway to this realisation.

Let me Hold the Space for You

Reiki | In-person Session

Intuitively guided Reiki as a form of energy healing. These healing sessions guide the body, mind and spirit into an aligned state of being. This allows energy to flow in a different way. When our energy moves and transforms this can spark the "natural healing response" within us.

Reiki | Distance Healing

Reiki works just as well by distance. It works very similarly to an in-person session, we talk on the phone prior to the reiki and then after. It means you can enjoy reiki at home or anywhere you feel comfortable.  I also suggest a simple ritual prior to our session, to bring you into a space of alignment for your healing

Card Reading | In-person

Using the wisdom and guidance of tarot cards, I bring forward a narrative and reflection to your reading. As I share the wisdom of the cards, we can also delve deeper into the meanings together and observe what invitations are the cards showing.  It is a good idea to bring a notebook and pen to take notes and reflections.

Card Reading | Online

Readings done by email are another wonderful form of healing. Sent over email these readings bring deep reflection and space for personal understanding and growth. In the email I will also send you images of the artwork of the cards as I often find these can be hugely healing.

Astrology & Psychic Wisdom | Online

It is an astrology based reading to bring forward information and empower you by looking at the planets and stars the moment you were born.  Alongside your astrology reading I will channel frequencies and intuitive messages to provide psychic guidance. My intention is to uncover and show you the wisdom of your soul with the stars.



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