Inner Guidance and Using Oracle Cards


We all have our 'thing' as it were. A passion, hobby or enthusiasm for something. Mine has presented itself of course as yoga, energy work and spiritual practices.

For my husband, his thing is football. He lives and breathes football.

Even though yoga and football are different, there are huge parallels between them. The way my husband feels after he's played football isn't too dissimilar to how I feel when I have done my yoga practice or meditated. They are methods and practices that make us feel good.

Recently, in the past two years, I have deepened my relationship with my higher self. I have started to build up a little toolbox of things that help me to touch base and check in with my soul.

I have found that oracle cards have just become a HUGE part of that practice.

I thought you might be interested to know how I use these cards and why.

What are Oracle Cards?

These are desks of cards which will offer support, guidance and activation for the user. There is a belief that these cards work by your energy and intention and the 'power' is within the reader not the cards.

Each deck is really different and will have different cards, artwork, intentions, guidance and messages.

Alana Fairchild a famous author and spiritual healer talks about having different oracle decks as having different vitamins. Some days we need different supplements or vitamins, same for oracle card decks.  This is why I have found that I have 6 oracle card decks (I know!!...) so depending on what I need that day is relevant to what oracle deck I will use.

How to use them?

The real treat with these cards is that they can be used very intuitively and in a self guided way. I find the more I just practice with the cards in a way that suits me, the clearer the messages and guidance can be.

Each deck comes with its own book which has further interpretations of the messages on the cards, but it also has information on different cards spreads you can do.

Interpretation and Guidance

When I started using the cards, I started to find I would interpret the guidance in my own way. This is meant to happen, and this is why I think there is so much value to using them. These cards, guidance, nudges and messages are to be interpreted by you and you can use the guidance in the way you wish.  Of course, the guidance in the book which goes into further detail is great, but take from the messages what serves you best.

It doesn't make sense

Some times you will pull a card that will trigger feelings of confusion, annoyance, frustration and disbelief. These cards really don't resonate and you can't make any sense out of the guidance. When this happens, hold on tight! Only kidding, but it would suggest that this message means that there maybe some deeper spiritual discovery around the corner and things will be revealed in good time.

Clearing the deck

I often bring my oracle cards to my classes and yoga workshops to enhance consciousness and give guidance where needed. Before I bring the cards to class, I will cleanse the deck so there energetic response it no longer mine. Same after other people have used the cards, I clear and cleanse the deck before I use them again.

I do this by either:

  • Smudging with palo santo or sage
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Run my thumb across the top of the deck quickly
  • Holding the cards and sending out an intention for the cards to be cleared
  • Full Moon energy cleanse but sitting them by a windowsill on the full moon

Keep your cards close

This is just something I decided to do as I felt guided to. In particular when I get a new deck, I will keep the deck next to my bed when I sleep and I sometimes carry them in my handbag. I felt called to do this for two reasons. Firstly, I believe energetically I can find a strong connection to these cards as they are near my aura and energetic field, so the guidance and messages become clear and relevant. Secondly, I feel as though these cards hold so much potency and high vibrational energy, that even just having them close by helps and supports my whole being.

Let your heart pick the deck

There are many different decks out there on the market. You will know which deck you wish to have when you listen to your intuition and go with your gut feeling. Sometimes we see the artwork and that draws us in or sometimes we just have a sense and pull from the name of the deck or author.

Now to enjoy your cards! Use them as often as you wish. Remember to be guided by what works for you and know the power of guidance is within you always, the cards are just there to remind you!

Layna x

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