From Light to Darkness


Riding Huge Waves of Transformation...

I wanted to share a more raw side to my "spiritual journey" (whatever that is anyway...haha!). There is so much light to be seen and felt but I also want to honour the darkness too. The moments of feeling utterly pants and triggered.

I had felt for many years, I was tiptoeing around my life purpose and I realised I was holding myself back. Which by the way, is exhausting! It is overwhelmingly tiring when you aren't stepping into your full potential. I was endlessly people pleasing, seeking external validation and not honouring my calling.

Since moving out of my fear based beliefs and trusting myself and my path, I have been presented with many opportunities to grow and evolve. This inward change unsurprisingly has an outward effect too. I was then seeing that my relationships, opportunities and my business where changing as I did.

I am really proud of where I am now, as boy is has not always been easy. There have been moments of deep heaviness, self-doubt, confusion and distrust but I feel all this was an integral part of the process.

I share this as I hope if you have ever felt this way, you can also know how much beauty there is from moving through things which are difficult. Through social conditioning and old paradigms I was always led to believe doing things which were "out there" or "spiritual" blah, blah, blah, was OUT RIGHT WEIRD. Because of that I spent many years quietening my intuition and turning away from my gifts. Do any of you relate to this? It is an odd place to be in.

I am still learning so much and this year is making me face not only the light but also the darkness. To turn to the shadow and welcome that in. To enquiry and get curious to ALL that life brings us.

If you are here with me, I SEE YOU! I really do, we are in this together.  Stay true to your path and story. Embrace the fuck out of who you are!

Thanks for reading beautiful. Love Layna xx


To read what I am sharing these days, see below...


A practice and gift that brings us into a state of realisation, peace and acceptance. Yoga is a beautiful space for healing the body and mind. The yoga I share offers mindful moments of self-enquiry and self-empowerment, as I feel yoga an amazing tool to get to know ourselves.

Energy Healing

Just like everything within the universe, we are made up of energy. Reiki is a form of energy work which is a gateway into healing through moving and directing energy. This space for healing is intuitive and always serves and works for the highest and best for the individual.


Astrology + Intuitive Reading (Online Only)

This reading helps to bring wisdom and insight from the stars and the planets by looking into your natal chart. I also channel light messages from guides and the stars.

Card Reading (In-person and Online)

I believe there is a wealth of wisdom we can tune into and for me tarot is such a beautiful way to bring that wisdom into our consciousness. These readings are wonderful to bring clarity, healing and self-reflection.

Please get in touch if you have any questions! I love to hear from you

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