Space to empower, heal & support your whole being...

Healing is an opportunity for deep connection, to bring all aspects of your being into 'oneness'.

Sometimes we feel the call to Reiki and we don't have anything particularly mis-aligned or 'wrong'. Other times we feel the call to Reiki with something specific to work through and process.



Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese technique and form of energy healing. This gentle yet powerful method of energy work will help to bring about a deep sense of balance and alignment. The whole body is considered and supported, including the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

When we hold space for our being to be aligned and balanced, this process may lead to the body's natural healing response.

Through transformative energy healing we align to our fullest potential and open our hearts to living a soul led life.

Healing Sessions

We start each session with a chat and discussion to understand and solidify your intentions for your Reiki. You may also find it useful at this time to discuss and share anything of significance that might be going on in your life. This space for sharing is completely confidential and is always respected,  free of judgement.

The treatment is given by lying down on a therapy table, where you will be able to rest here for the duration of the healing session.

These sessions are gentle yet can be highly transformative to all aspects of your being. When delivering the Reiki, I tune into the universal energy and heal though my hands. The Reiki can be done through the surrounding energetic field (the aura) and also hands onto the body.



Layna's Healing Space in Billingshurst, West Sussex £45

Sessions take around 1hour 15 mins. The healing is given by hands on, or hands just away from the body.

£20 deposit at time of booking please

Distance Reiki - Global Invitation  £25

Reiki can also be given by distance healing. Which means you don't have to be with me to receive the amazing benefits of this practice. A good internet connection is advised so we can facetime or skype.

We can agree on a date and time for your treatment and you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home.

Terms & Conditions - PLEASE READ

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Reiki | Distance Healing

I recently had a distance reiki session with Layna so that I could give myself extra grounding and support during transitions and the start of new projects, which required 'leaps'. I felt so nurtured, held, understood and supported throughout the practice – before, during and after! The session was very meditative and relaxing, and it was interesting to compare notes and experiences with Layna afterwards. The pre- and post-session chats were inspiring and helpful, and getting a card reading at the end was very special. The entire session left me feeling calm, confident, clear and grounded. I would definitely go back to Layna for more sessions.