Energy Healing Sessions £70

These sessions are designed to activate your natural healing response by calling in support from your higher self, your soul and being safely assisted by light frequencies.

In a similar way that Reiki energy is used I create a channel of energy over distance which means you can benefit from this healing at home.

I work closely with light beings and spiritual guides to hold a high vibrational frequency which helps to release energy blocks or barriers such as limiting self beliefs, fear and self-doubt. They assist deep healing by holding a vibration of love, acceptance, comfort and nourishment.

Flow of the session:

  • We chat on zoom video call to discuss your intentions for your healing session. It is also an open, non-judgmental space for you to share and bring awareness to how you may be feeling
  • We come off the call and you now take some time to rest and relax in your home, ideally lying down somewhere you won't be disturbed. At this point I will start to send you energy healing, connect to your energetic field and work with light healing frequencies this part of the session takes around 30-35minutes
  • Then we will reconnect on the zoom call to share and discuss any insight or experiences

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Read what people say about having healing with Layna
Healing with Layna is a unique and wonderful experience. Its hard to describe exactly what it is like as the sessions I have had, have felt different each time. Layna is a great listener and works intuitively. The shift in energy during and after my sessions has been notable. If you are open-minded, then Reiki could be just what you need to unblock, cleanse and let go!

'I recently had a distance healing session with Layna so that I could give myself extra grounding and support during transitions and the start of new projects, which required 'leaps'. I felt so nurtured, held, understood and supported throughout the practice – before, during and after! The session was very meditative and relaxing, and it was interesting to compare notes and experiences with Layna afterwards. The pre- and post-session chats were inspiring and helpful, and getting a card reading at the end was very special. The entire session left me feeling calm, confident, clear and grounded. I would definitely go back to Layna for more sessions.'

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