Ritual for Courage

We all have moments in our lives where we feel we need to call in more courage. It might be a tricky conversation you have to have, you might be about to do something you’ve never done before or you’re about to face something that makes you feel fearful.

This ritual is designed to:

✨ support your personal power

✨ help you to ‘feel the fear’ but do it anyway

✨ raises your vibration so you feel more confident

✨ enhances your feelings of self-worth

You will need:

Drinking cacao, access to music + headphones & your journal

1. Create a safe and healing space at home, make it super cosy with candles and/or fill the space with yummy aromas of oils or incense

2. Make your drinking cacao (if you don’t have any, you can make yourself a herbal tea). Whilst you make your cacao - enchant your cacao with this blessing. Stir clockwise saying “let this cacao support and enhance the magic of my ritual”

3. In your healing cosy space at home, sit quietly for a few moments to ground yourself! SO IMPORTANT - please don’t skip this bit. Connect to yourself, feel your body meet the ground, breathe and feel yourself start to relax.

4. Begin to drink your cacao slowly and mindfully - the intention being the cacao will open up your heart and raise your vibration

5. After you’ve had your cacao or warm drink, begin to bring to mind an experience or situation which you’ve been through which required a lot do strength and bravery. Close your eyes and visualise yourself when that happened, see yourself and call that energy in.

6. TRUST and know you are already full of courage and you have moved through many things which have required you to be bold and brave

7. Bring your hands to your solar plexus chakra - a few inches above your belly button. Visualise at your solar plexus a flame, a fire or a ball of sunshine burning brightly. Feel this ‘fire’ in your belly, this is your strength, your magic and your personal power. Let it expand and fill you up!

8. Breathe deeply into this warmth and fiery magic! Then open your eyes come back into your space.

9. Grab your headphones and what ever you play your music through, put on some uplifting, fun, high vibing music. Have a sway, bop and a dance to this music, feeling into your burning light and energy.

10. After 5-10 minutes (or longer if you have time), ground yourself back. Breathe, become still. Grab your journal and write down, how you feel, what experience you had from that ritual

Enjoy xx

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