Straight up these practices are such a pure delight to do and I feel they have become more and more part of my daily life and work that I share. Yet, I have had no official lessons, I've not attending any training courses or even read a book about it. But it is something that I just love to do and I feel a deep rooted connection to performing ritual. I think this is what is so interesting and beautiful about these practices, everyone and anyone can do them. You don't have to be a yoga teacher, a shamanic healer, a guru or even be a spiritual person.

What is Ritual and Ceremony?

This is my personal perception, but please be open to examining what your viewpoint may be.

Ritual and Ceremony are actions and practices which are done with intention, purpose and meaning.   These acts are done with care towards your higher levels of consciousness and you can also participate in acts of devotion.

As you see, this means you can perform ritual around all sorts of things.

Examples of  Rituals:
  • Marking the different Moon Phases (New and Full Moon)
  • Winter / Summer Solstice
  • Manifesting and co-creating with Universal Energy
  • Morning and Night Rituals
  • Meditation

There are also tonnes of rituals which you are already participating in without even realising. One is around birthdays, the ceremony of the indulgent birthday cake and then everyone gathers to sing 'Happy Birthday, to your morning coffee taking in a few moments before your day starts, to the relaxing bath at the end of the day.

It is these moments of deep intention that I love as they create meaning, purpose and a sense of enjoyment.

So it might be that you're interested to perform and hold your own ritual. If so, here is a suggestion of where to start.

  • Think of what you want your ritual to be for. You can use any of the examples given or think up your own.
  • Gather what you would like to use. You can be really creative with what you need or keep it simple. For my rituals I normally gather together at least one candle, incense or palo santo, crystals, singing bowl and my journal. HOWEVER, other times I use nothing at all. Be intuitive to what your heart calls you to use.
  • Find appropriate time and place. You don't have to keep your ritual to the confines of your home, nature and being outside is also really magical
  • Start with a gratitude practice. Give a moment of thanks for your ritual and time.
  • Lay out your tools and items (if you have any)
  • Set an intention for your ritual, this is SO important, and forms the foundation of your practice that follows. Your intention is the essence to what this time is all about.
  • Then intuit through your tools that you have with you. For example, light your candle first and then do smudging after that.
  • Be free. Now is the bit you do what you feel called to do. Sometimes in ritual I am still and quiet. Other times I chant mantra, put music on and dance! It is whatever you feel called to do.
  • Once you have worked through your ritual - remind yourself of the ritual intention! Allow it to really sink into your being.
  • Give thanks to any tools you have with you. Of course extinguish any flames from candles or incense.
  • Take time to notice how you feel and close the ritual with either saying aloud thank you, namaste or om (or all three...)

See how you get on with that, I really love using rituals and I share them more and more with my yoga students and reiki clients. Please send me over any questions, I really love to hear from you.

Sending you many blessings, Layna xx


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