Soul Conversations

When it comes to listening to ourselves, I mean really listening, we can uncover incredible information, wisdom and understanding.

We can start to feel inspired and supported by simply showing up and having a willingness, an openness to be with our soul.

Tarot is the Channel to our Soul's Voice

I like to think of working with Tarot like inviting your soul over to your house to have a well needed catch up. You allow your soul to arrive at your home, to pull up a comfortable chair or relax on your sofa and give your soul space to be seen and heard. It becomes a heart felt conversation to listen, share, explore, feel, speak and connect to your soul's knowing.

The other piece to this is - Tarot is the soul's way of being present. The soul and the Tarot work and create together from the framework of the NOW.

And you don't need me to tell you how important and powerful being present can be. The shifts in our consciousness from 'being' present really go beyond words. When we drop into what is here now this enables us to live in a way which is purposeful and meaningful not only for ourselves but each other.

I know first hand the numerous amounts of times I have either been so busy, distracted and off centre that hearing my soul is quite frankly impossible and beyond what I feel I am capable of in that moment. There have been many moments in my life where I have lacked clarity, direction and peace and this is often when I am not able to really align myself to hearing or holding space for my soul.

Tarot like I have mentioned bridges the gap between where I am right now and what my soul is calling me towards. It is a deeply profound remembrance of our own magic within. It meets us with so much compassionate energy we can feel fully acknowledged in the most empowering and comforting ways.

Whether I read Tarot for myself or for other people, working closely with presence and soul conversation makes the Tarot exceptionally inclusive and enriching.

I am not using Tarot to tell the future

My relationship with the Tarot means that I will not be fortune telling or predicting the future. As beautifully informed and said by my Tarot Teacher Lindsey Mack, 'the future is not fixed and we have free-will'.

There are many significant reasons why we don't know the future.

If we were meant to know, we just would, right?! BUT what we do have is this.

The ability to be with ourselves in any moment (I believe you can go to Tarot no matter what you are experiencing), to open up a deeply connected and frank conversation with your soul.

Give the Soul Space

So honey, there is something absolutely beautiful and unique about your soul.

It is here to expand, develop and grow through the many ebbs and flows of your life. You are here to learn through your magical soul growth.

Your soul is going to be giving you heads ups, nudges and caring for you unconditionally.

So when there are moments when you are wanting to allow the soul to have space, why not call on the Tarot as the perfect companion?

For Soul Centred Readings

I have created a virtual offering and space which means I can bring Tarot to you in the comfort of your own home.

I am so delighted and so proud to share Tarot in this way.

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