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Astrology, Intuitive Messages & Psychic Wisdom

I am thrilled to share and deliver messages from the planets, stars and spirit guides by channeling psychic information. Using the wisdom of astrology I will provide a reading on many aspects of your being and at a soul level. I also tune into light and cosmic frequencies to bring psychic guidance through.

The Reading - Online via Email 

It is an astrology based reading to bring forward information and empower you by looking at the planets and stars the moment you were born.  Alongside your astrology reading I will channel intuitive messages. My intention is to uncover and show you the wisdom of your soul with the stars. To rediscover and feel empowered by your astrological imprint.

I believe and feel there is a vibration and shift that occurs when readings are done. The wisdom and healing goes far beyond just the message I send you, there is a frequency and power at work which aligns consciousness and light.

Investment £40

Email for booking

Payment due at booking please. Please allow 7-10 days for your reading. This maybe subject to change depending on my schedule.