Intuitive & Supportive Readings

I am a passionate tarot reader and intuitive. I work from a soul led space drawing on my experience and knowledge to read energies and channel wisdom.

I believe readings form a beautiful part of our personal healing and guide us to a place of  remembrance.

Often the guidance I share is what you know on a soul level to be your truth, this wisdom will bring you back to your centre.


Tarot Reading £45

In-person sessions held at Layna's Healing Space in Billingshurst, West Sussex

In these sessions you are warmly welcomed to my healing space which offers you the perfect setting to receive your guidance. Let me set the scene...picture enjoying a warm cuppa with candles, crystals, cards...and maybe even a cat.

The cards act like a mirror and reflect back to us what we need to receive and see. They gently guide us to uncover and open new ways of thinking and bring forward new possibilities.

Within these session I also gently encourage you to be self reflective and to call in your own intuition. I find this approach to tarot is highly empowering and brings so much clarity.

Readings can be supportive for:

  • times of change and transformation
  • when needing guidance and support
  • looking for new perspectives
  • feeling lost or stuck
  • for healing and grounding...and lots more

Online Tarot Reading £25

I am thrilled to also offer remote readings. These work just like in-person sessions.  These are a really popular way to receive guidance and healing.

These readings include:

  • a pre-reading ritual
  • Three card spread with in-depth interpretations and reflections
  • beautiful pictures of the artwork which accompanies each card

When booking please specify if there is something in particular you would like guidance on. For example, matters relating to work, relationships etc.

For online readings, please note full payment is due at booking please. Please allow 7-10 days for your online reading. This maybe subject to change depending on my schedule.

Book by email