Intuitive & Soul Centred Tarot

I am a passionate tarot reader and intuitive. I work from a soul led space drawing on my experience and knowledge to read energies and channel wisdom with the Tarot.

Tarot Reading £35

50 minutes on zoom

The Tarot allows us to tap into the language and communication of the soul. We are then able to listen and take note of where we are being guided. Offering us insight around; what needs my attention, what may support me right now, what themes or questions are arising or being shown to me?

The readings I share are ways to connect deeply into our present experience; reading for the now. This means I do not read for the future or fortune tell (however, the cards can give us a gentle heads up!), what I share in my opinion is more powerful and profound. Reading for our present experience is a true gift, as the now is where we live from.

Within your reading, I also gently encourage you to be self-reflective and for you to call in your own intuitive inner knowing. I find this approach to Tarot is highly empowering and profound.

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I have created a blog post where I share more on my approach and work with the Tarot


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Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a Tarot Reading? 

Interview with someone who came to me for a reading in May 2020

Question: What intrigued you about having a Tarot Reading with Layna?
Answer: With the Corona epidemic being in full swing I felt it was a good time to reflect and have a reading with Layna.

Question: How was your experience?
Answer: Being a newbie to having a reading I was admittedly quite nervous as I was unsure on what to expect but Layna gave me good advice/tips prior to the session commencing to get me in the correct headspace which was reassuring.
Any preconceived ideas I had about what might happen were quickly lifted as she explained everything so clearly and did so in such a passionate way I felt calm and engaged throughout. What I liked best is the way the experience concluded, I felt like the whole reading tied together so nicely almost like a full circle but instead this time I was leaving with a new sense of clarity.

Question: Is there any thing you would improve or change?
Answer: No, the whole experienced was well explained and options and choices were made available throughout.

Question: If you could use three words to describe how you felt after your reading, what would they be?


clear mind