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These readings are soul-centred, intuitive and tap into the magic that is always around us.

The readings I share are here to open your heart so that you can enquire within.

I use the cards as gateways to channel information which means I go beyond some of the traditional interpretations of the cards and we invite in powerful intuitive magic!

There is a lot of space in my readings for self-reflection and my absolute core belief for readings is empowerment, I always intend for this space be for you and that YOU FEEL EMPOWERED by your reading.

Readings are often supportive for :

  • transformation / periods of change
  • when stepping into your power
  • wishing to understand or clarify something
  • curious and open to spiritual development
  • you wish to have some time for yourself
  • feeling lost, stuck or held back

PLEASE NOTE:  I read energies that are in the present moment, therefore my readings are not designed to predict or forecast the future, however I believe they offer us something more powerful, they enable us to feel into the potential + the invitations that are on offer 

For your session:

  • after booking your reading, please think of intentions, themes or keywords that you wish to work with in your reading
  • for the reading itself, create a cosy and quiet space in your home (feel free to bring crystals and/or light candles etc)
  • bring a notebook + pen to take notes

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I wanna know more about Tarot please...

FAQs - I have compiled some information on frequently asked or common enquiries

READ THE BLOG - I have created a blog post where I share more on my approach and work with the Tarot

More on Tarot & Layna

I have been able to share Tarot across the world, working internationally through the online space.

The deck I use the most is the Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

My Tarot teacher and trainer is the incredible Lindsay Mack. I am really proud to be a graduate of Lindsay’s Tarot for the Wild Soul Course. Lindsay’s website