Your Intuitive Reading £50

Working closely with the Tarot, I read and channel energies for your highest and best. As well as using the cards, I will also open up my channel to psychic guidance from your guides.

Readings are often supportive for :

  • transformation
  • periods of change
  • when stepping into your power
  • seeking guidance
  • wishing to understand or clarify something
  • provide healing and support
  • curious and open to spiritual development
  • you wish to have some time for you
  • sacred self-care
  • feeling lost, stuck or held back

PLEASE NOTE:  I read energies that are in the present moment, therefore my readings are not designed to predict or forecast the future, but we can use the cards to see or feel into the potential.

Reading is live streamed via zoom

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I wanna know more about Tarot please...

FAQs - I have compiled some information on frequently asked or common enquiries

READ THE BLOG - I have created a blog post where I share more on my approach and work with the Tarot

More on Tarot & Layna

I have been able to share Tarot across the world, working internationally through the online space.

The deck I use the most is the Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

My Tarot teacher and trainer is the incredible Lindsey Mack. I am really proud to be a graduate of Lindsey’s Tarot for the Soul Course. Click here for Lindsey's website. She’s utterly magnificent!