Astrology & Psychic Reading | Online

"I have been more and more interested recently in finding out about myself and I thought what better way to do it than to get an astrology reading done. The whole process was seemless and the reading itself was fascinating and mind-blowing. Naturally I had a few questions following my reading and Layna helped with these beautifully. I definitely recommend." Kathryn, November 2019

Reiki | Distance Healing

"I recently had a distance reiki session with Layna so that I could give myself extra grounding and support during transitions and the start of new projects, which required 'leaps'. I felt so nurtured, held, understood and supported throughout the practice – before, during and after!

The session was very meditative and relaxing, and it was interesting to compare notes and experiences with Layna afterwards. The pre- and post-session chats were inspiring and helpful, and getting a card reading at the end was very special. The entire session left me feeling calm, confident, clear and grounded. I would definitely go back to Layna for more sessions." Renee, September 2019

Heart Centred Healing One to One

"I reached out to Layna as I wanted to develop my intuition and delve deeper into some heart led practices; something I know that Layna practices herself. I arrived to a wonderful aroma of oils and the room is beautifully decorated. Layna made me feel comfortable and created a safe space for me to let go and fully immerse myself into the moment.

The session started with a cacao ritual to open up the heart chakra and energy. This was followed by a guided meditation with crystal healing and finished with reiki and sound healing. I came away feeling inspired with new practices to try at home and feeling healed and energised. Layna has a huge heart herself and is so warm and friendly. It was wonderful learning from and connecting with her in the session. I would hugely recommend anyone reaching out to Layna who is interested in developing their mindfulness rituals and who wants to lead more with the heart in everyday life. Thank you Layna  “ Zoe, May 2019

Yoga Class

"I started doing yoga with Layna at the beginning of this year after suffering a number of injuries from various high impact exercise classes and initially I was looking for an alternative type of class. After my first practice I was completely hooked and instantly fell in love with the way that she teaches. Not only has Layna helped me improve my flexibility and strength, but also my overall well being, both physically and mentally, and I feel more balanced and relaxed. Every class is a unique and rewarding practice, and it’s my favourite time of the week. I’ve also attended several of Layna’s meditation workshops and as a complete beginner to meditation she’s shown me how to be more relaxed and mindful. Layna is calming and radiates a warm, friendly energy. Her classes and workshops are uplifting, encouraging and empowering." Anna, December 2018

Yoga Workshop
"I recently attended Layna's 2 hour "Yoga Self Practice at home" workshop at the beautiful Warnham Country Yurt.
It was a wonderful reintroduction to yoga which I have not practiced for some years. Layna's style is very calming but also very clear with explanations as to what each of the postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) are aiming to achieve. She was always keen to emphasise that we should work at our own level and not to over extend ourselves if something felt difficult.
The Yurt is a perfect environment for Yoga with a lovely ambience and so calming. I thoroughly recommend both" Viv, August 2016
Yoga Class

"I have been going to Layna's classes and workshops for over a year now and always look forward to sharing my practice with her. She made me feel comfortable and at ease, even though I had little previous experience. You can hear the love she has for yoga when she speaks and see the joy it brings her to be able to share it with her students.
I recommend Layna to anyone that has an interest in yoga, her passion is infectious! Her classes and workshops have been like little bits of heaven in an otherwise hectic and crazy week!
Namastè" Rachel, October 2016

Yoga Class
"I was new to yoga and apprehensive to begin, but after suffering with a bad back and knee injury from football, I decided to give it a go. Yoga has helped improve my injuries and posture as well as de-stressing me from a hard days work.  Layna is a brilliant teacher and great at explaining, which makes me feel comfortable and confident and has helped me progress. I now have a new found love for yoga." Christian, 2016
Yoga Class

"Layna has been my yoga teacher for years now and she has helped me so much. She has very calming and has a great teaching style. I always come out of her classes feeling relaxed, but also like I've had a great workout" Rach, November 2016

Yoga Class

"Layna is a great teacher. I had never done yoga before, and she explained it so well and made me feel so comfortable. I now attend her classes weekly." Elisa, December 2018