To Honour & Heal The Heart

I started this year with an experience which has changed my life

I was fortunate to study and learn Reiki from an amazing Reiki Master Teacher and I received the Reiki Master attunement.

The experience itself was beautiful and the days I spend with my Reiki Master were humbling, inspiring and uplifting.

What I didn't expect to feel so powerfully, is the transformation since this time.

I mean, I knew this was going to be a transition for me, but what I didn't account for was how big this would be.

Same, same but different

Since giving myself the time and space to learn and grow through Reiki, I began to understand the deep truth of who I am. I have been able to fully appreciate what it was to be me. It was like a got to see myself fully and completely. I now understand the direction I wish to go, where I want to spend my time and energy and understand my purpose with clarity and grounding.

One of my main intentions for this year was to drop into trust. I have always known the magic of my personal power, intuition and inner wisdom, but I had been burying it for fear of how it would be received. As if I didn't trust this part of myself.

It has been a wild ride of ups and downs, but way more ups. It has been a personal rebirth. A shedding of the old layers of self-doubt and dis-empowerment to fully accept, trust and honour who I am.

It feels like one of life's great paradoxes. I am the same person, yet I am different at the same time too.

What is here now, was always there before. In its essence, it is not new. It is just that I am now open to holding space for it.

Being of Service

These last few months, have propelled me forward to really acknowledge my work and how I can be of service in a different way.

There are many more tales and stories that have brought me to this point, which one day I will share, but for now, my personal purpose and journey has brought me to offer the support to you.

To be your support, guide and teacher through work around intuition, inner wisdom, empowerment and ways to heal and honour your heart.

It has become the foundation and intention in my personal practices and now spills over into my work and what I share.

I have had the most wonderful experiences and moments now that I fully stand into this space. I no longer feel the need to hide or be small. I am guided every single day to do this work, to be a light of support to YOU.

I would LOVE to connect with you on this. I host Heart Centred Healing which brings together intuitive practices to honour what you need. I am here to remind you of your innate wisdom and to hold space for you to flourish.

I find that 1:1 sessions work beautifully, but also small groups are magical. I have held space for sisters, couples and best friends to connect in this way.

These sessions are created with you at the centre. Your heart and your personal exploration into healing. They are mindful, gentle yet carry power and magic.

Let me know if you have any questions or want anymore information.

I cannot wait to share this with you!

My beautiful yoga teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli has an inspiring quote and mantra, which I want to leave you with...

With great respect and love, I honour my heart my inner teacher

Lots of love,

Layna x



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