Trust & Heart Space Alignment

Taking Back Your Power

I was not always aligned to my own heart. I was reluctant to make decisions, took advice from others over my own intuition and took on others opinions of me to establish my personal value and self-worth.

But I knew that there was something a bit heavy and depleting by giving my power away to others. I knew that leaning on what other people said and think, only takes you so far.

It is not to say, that I don't listen and care about other people and what they say. Quite the opposite, I am inspired by EVERYONE daily. The people I meet, the people I teach and work with, my friends, family and the people I follow online.

What I want to touch on, is this...

Be inspired by others, but notice if you give them your power.


Ask yourself these questions?

Do you place your happiness on the actions of others and what they think of you?

Do you stay small by squashing your dreams and ambitions for fear of how they'll be received?

Do you feel a bit misdirected or lost?

Does this sound familiar...well honey, guess what? I have been there too!  It can be such a complex emotional situation and I totally see you.

So are you ready to start changing this?

Trust Yourself First

Reclaim your power back, sit back, listen and TRUST YOURSELF FIRST.

There is no secret formula or right or wrong way to do this work, but I feel listening and trusting yourself first, can be a beautiful practice.

Listen carefully to the quiet nudges, the call of your guides and the abundant love and guidance of your heart.

Jump in with both feet. Align to your heart's calling.

Tap into the knowledge that you hold. TRUST it, listen and trust it some more.

This guidance is not coming to you by accident. There is a reason your heart is trying to communicate with you.

Be OPEN to the guidance

It takes guts, courage and bravery but when we fully surrender into trust it can be hugely transformative.

Journal + Take Action

Journal Questions

  1. How would I feel today, if I fully trusted myself?
  2. List three things that help me to feel aligned to my heart? For example: it could be through meditation, personal reflection , talking to a friend etc.


Make some time within the next few days, to connect and align to your heart, being inspired by what you wrote down for question 2 above.

Thanks so much for taking this time to invest in yourself. Trusting the guidance that has led you to this point.

Keep taking a personal inventory, return to your heart and surrender into trust. You have got this!

Lots of love

Layna x


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