Witch Consultation £70

This is by far my most popular session! 

Working closely together we will discuss your intentions and ascertain areas of your life which might benefit from some magic, spells or rituals.

These sessions are the ultimate fusion of the practices I work with, so there can be a sprinkling of everything from Tarot cards, meditation, energy healing, visualisations, moon wisdom to cosmic spell-work.

The real power behind this session is you and what you do after our time together so please be prepared to put some time and effort aside afterwards for your self-study/homework.

Please note - for some of the spells/rituals, I may recommend using things such as tea lights, candles, incense, notebook/journal and some herbs. I gently encourage you to bear that in mind as you may need to buy somethings.

This session is live streamed via zoom and takes around an hour.

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who is new, interested and curious about rituals + spell work
  • You are wishing to connect deeper to yourself and the magic that is always around us
  • You are interested in manifesting
  • You are open and willing to invest in yourself

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