Layna Winckworth

Specialising in Intuitive Tarot Readings, Holistic Yoga + Healing

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What is it like to work with Layna?

I reached out to Layna as I wanted to develop my intuition and delve deeper into some heart led practices; something I know that Layna practices herself. I arrived to a wonderful aroma of oils and the room is beautifully decorated.

Layna made me feel comfortable and created a safe space for me to let go and fully immerse myself into the moment. The session started with a cacao ritual to open up the heart chakra and energy. This was followed by a guided meditation with crystal healing and finished with reiki and sound healing.

I came away feeling inspired with new practices to try at home and feeling healed and energised. Layna has a huge heart herself and is so warm and friendly. It was wonderful learning from and connecting with her in the session. I would hugely recommend anyone reaching out to Layna who is interested in developing their mindfulness rituals and who wants to lead more with the heart in everyday life. Thank you Layna" Zoe



I channel intuitive and psychic wisdom through the Tarot to offer a unique, empowered and compassionate offering.

As I read the energies that come in and through, the readings I offer act like a mirror so you can acknowledge, see and feel into what is really and truly here. It creates a sacred space to step into your power and connect to your soul knowing.

I am thrilled and delighted to say I have helped men and women find new levels to their personal truth, authenticity and gained clarity and understanding.

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Yoga Classes

My approach to yoga is embedded in an empowered and mindful practice. To listen and work with your body, breath and your mind in a gentle yet powerful way.

I often share philosophy and spiritual support within my classes so that you can enrich your practice, create curiosity and connect into your abundant wisdom.

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Energy Healing

I work with healing from a grounded and intuitive space. I cultivate and work with energies in all of my offerings including yoga, meditation, tarot and in the one to one healings. It is the main frequency and foundation of what I offer and how I serve others.

My energy healing is a blend of practices which I have learnt and have be attunded to. Including, Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki & self studied healing through energy meditation, galactic frequencies & starseed medicine.

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